Accessories Related to LED Strips

The RGB LED strips proved to be one of the most popular products in LED centre Wide range of applications allows customers to use their imagination, decorate their homes, create their own taste or the company’s new mood. The most common in the enterprise application can be found in bars, clubs, restaurants, or band stage lighting. In addition to commercial uses, home appliances also in the kitchen or, for example, when the mood lighting is often common for the living room. When it comes to mood lighting, color and picking, the user’s imagination is the only limit. Both in home and commercial use, the applicable RGB LED bar inspired furniture, table, give a colorful touch to the edge of walls, corridors, pillars, steps and stairs, illuminated audio-visual system, is used as a political party or set the background set band.

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The two basic components of the RGB LED running lights RGB LED bar (obviously) and matches the RGB controller. All RGB LED lighting systems require a controller, you can determine the color displayed. For some of you can achieve your RGB LED strings are dependent on the tape, the controller and you apply it. Simple RGB LED tape has a pre-set at a fixed set of colors displayed in the order.

Once you have the RGB LED strip light to determine the technical details, you must note the following. LED strip lights are often not running the water, but the low-voltage lights. If so, you need a transformer to connect them to power and can also operate with sufficient voltage battery them. LED need for their dedicated transformers, electronic transformers, which are not suitable, for example, but also the majority of LED supply voltage stable. Voltage error may also be important, if you work in the battery or internal combustion engines (power supply must be stabilized, so the problem does not occur to them) of the light. The boat, yacht or caravan, the voltage increases, the engine, for example. If you want to apply this to any low voltage LED lights, always check the technical details in the light of the voltage tolerance. When you decide in the light bar to note the following: size and in the Gaza Strip, including the performance of light-emitting diodes, LED’s (low power, SMD power or high power), light emission, the technology IP level, light, or diode, the direction of the coverage. In addition, it is clear, a series of effects, you will be able to achieve with the RGB LED tape depends on the knowledge of the area, so check what color the scope of the provisions, or they can use the RGB DMX controller (to provide a complete use of mixed colors and the most extensive sphere of influence.)

The technical details of the controller, is also important. The controller determines that it can be directly connected to the lamp with the performance. For example, if the controller performance for example 140W and the RGB LED strips, you will use the properties of 7 watts per meter, you can connect more than one hundred and forty sevenths = 20 meters, this lamp. If you want more control, but simultaneously with, you will need a RGB amplifier, forwarding the signal controller. However, the operation of the power, through RGB controller is fixed, the amplifier power or battery needed directly from the transformer. LED’s you will decide you can use the controller for connection mode connection mode. RGB LED’s has four pins. These pins are three-color (RGB), these pins determine the connection type pole. If the LED light or with light has three positive and one negative pin, the connection is a common cathode. If it is the other way round (three negative, one positive), is a common anode connection.

What kind of RGB LED technology work?
RGB LED contains a basic use of the three indicators. The combination of these three colors cover a full range of colors. RGB controller works with the PMW (pulse width modulation), which means that – at a certain frequency – it is fully open and close indicator (which is exactly the same technology, a single color LED’s grayed out.) If you completely turn off the blue LED, for example, red and green will create a yellow light together. Color can be manipulated to open and close individual LED mode frequency. If you add the blue, yellow bit, you will receive a lighter shade. To create a single color LED output frequency must complete more than 50 Hz.

So, what is the RGB LED strip lights to the full range of lighting effects?
Simple RGB LED light string has a color, they can send from 4 to 16 pre-programmed settings, rotation, color under these programs. Shows the color range can expand the knowledge of the Gaza Strip, it is clear knowledge of the controller. The RGB LED Ribbon DMX controller allows the display millions of colors. In addition to the conventional RGB LED strip light, color intensity may be issued a few, but only one, there are a variety of color bars – also known as the magic lamp or in pixels with LED lights. This type of RGB LED rainbow tubes, require special RGB controller. The RGB LED strip lights is the most common for sales and operations controller, or a list of the proposed controller is shown in the naked light of the description. Basically, the controller can be manual, automatic, semi-automatic, pre-order or DMX.