What is a High Bay LED Lighting?

High bay Led lighting is made of replace industrial high bay and low bay lighting fixtures, which using LED as light source.

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Where to use high bay LED lighting?
LED high bay lighting has the advantage of high intensity and excellent heat dissipation. It can be widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting projects as emporiums, billboards, warehouses, gyms, parking lots.

How to distinguish between good and bad high bay LED lighting?

The most difficult to overcome of which is the heat dissipation problem of LED lights.

High bay LED lighting use Fin-style heat sink with heat-pipe design, which is much better for heat dissipation than normal alloy die-casting heat sink, and thous extends the working life of high bay LED lighting.

What traditional lamps could replaced by high bay LED lighting?

High bay LED lighting could used both indoor and outdoor lighting, widely use to replacement traditional High pressure sodium(HPS), Metal Halide(MH), Compact Fluorescent Lamp(CFL), HQI, SON and mercury lamps in LED high bay lights fixture, flood lighting fixture and low bay fixtures.

What kind of 150w led high bay is best for a warehouse?

All we know, 150w led high bay have been widely applied in many places these years. So what advantages induction high bay light have to apply in warehouse? Let’s learn it from the following passages.

led high bay lights

Firstly, induction 150w led high bay have ultra long life of up to 100,000 hours, which translates to 11 years if turned on 24 hours a day. Standard lighting technology does not last nearly as long, and thus requires much more maintenance (and related expenses) in order to frequently replace bulbs.

Secondly, induction 150w led high bay are specially designed with a wide light dispersion for large scale area lighting. Induction high bay light distribute even light so that its light can reach every corner.

Thirdly, induction 150w led high bay lights are energy-saving and are flicker-Free, thus to reduce eyestrain and improve work safety.

For any workshop you need very clear non flickering Light with High Lumens per square feet/mt. Also care should be taken that their mounting is safe and heat produced by such 150w led high bay have proper ventilation to keep the floor area at normal temperature. I know M/s Crompton greaves manufactuers and sells such installations. you need to do some kind of survey and study before you finalise on them.

Why Should You Install LED High Bay Lights?

The main place you will often see LED high bay lights being used today is in areas where things need to be illuminated from a distance of 15 feet or more. So of course these have now been installed in places such as gymnasiums, warehouses, factories and sports arenas.

led high bay lights

However before the introduction of LED lighting most places would have had metal halide, fluorescent tubes or high pressure sodium LED high bay lights installed. The problem with such lighting is to provide adequate amounts of illumination they need to work at high temperatures.

As a result the life span of such lights is very short and in most cases will often need replacing after around 15,000 hours of use. Whereas LED high bay lights only use a small amount of energy to provide lots of illumination and so last around 3 times as long. What this in turn means is that the lights don’t need to be replaced as often.

Along with metal halide and high pressure sodium lights having to work at higher temperatures they also are susceptible to becoming damaged by moisture. Even small amounts of moisture or oil from your fingers when you touch the glass of such lights can affect them. So when turned on there is a big risk that eventually the stress placed on the glass will cause them to crack and break. Of course this will then result in the bulb failing and it then having to be replaced.

Another reason why so many places have chosen to install LED high bay lights today is down to the fact that they illuminate areas much more brightly. This is because these types of lights actually produce a more natural color light as you would see when the sun is shining. Whereas when it comes to the traditional type of bay lighting used previously the light emitted by these has a more yellow orange tinge to it. However this is not the case when it comes to fluorescent lighting. It does produce a much better quality kind of light but still not on a level with the light emitted by LED’s.

So just what are the benefits to be had from installing high bay LED Lighting today in any kind of place where illumination is required from a distance.

Firstly you will find that for people who suffer from light sensitive epilepsy these types of lights won’t cause problems for them as they do not flicker. Also another feature of these lights is that they are able to work at much lower temperatures and this in turn means that they don’t use as much energy to provide the power they need to illuminate things.

The Best Solution With LED High Bay Lights Fixtures

led high bay

In commercial, industrial and storage facilities, lighting is an essential consideration. For lighting manufacturers, creating the perfect lighting fixtures for high ceiling environments is the challenge and they have been continuously working and competing to be the number one in the field.

High bay led lighting environments are not just great, for many, they are actually a requirement-this is especially true for storage and industrial areas. Installing light fixtures for these types of environments is not easy. Even replacing it can be a problem especially for businesses since the productions will have to stop in order for the light replacements to take place.

For this reason, the development of light fixtures is really a boon. As everyone already knows, lights are an environment-friendly, cost-effective, durable and energy-saving alternative to the traditional lighting fixtures used before like the fluorescent.

Yes they are all that and more but as a wise consumer, you must also know the pros and cons of LED high bay lights fixtures.

To achieve the best performance, you must determine the combination of drivers, fixtures and controls to match the specific requirement of the environment where you plan to install the high bay lights fixtures.

Furthermore, before purchasing your LED high bay lights, determine first the lighting requirements: what type of space the lights will be placed in. Second, you must also estimate the efficiency of the fixtures and if you think that is the right fit for your space. Third, identify how many fixtures you need.

In industrial settings, companies are always on the lookout for ways to reduce energy consumption without compromising the lighting. In this kind of set-up, high bay led lights that are dimmable work out best. It is also best for the high bay lights to have a high lifetime as well as hanger installation systems.For harsh industrial areas, there are also LED light fixtures that have extremely durable and robust designs that can withstand unforgiving conditions. These are usually made of die-cast aluminium and tempered glass covers.

Before, fluorescent lights were used for warehouses and department stores, but nowadays there are LED which can fit existing fluorescent grids so there is not much fuss in installing new fixtures. Some LED of this kind are also dimmable and they do not flicker when switched on which gives instant light to the area.

Here are a few more characteristics you can consider to make better choices: illuminance distribution, electrical power, lifetime, payback, luminous flux and manufacturability. You might also want to ask your supplier questions about operating temperature, operating humidity, correlated color temperature and of course, ease of installation.

LED high bay lights options are the way to the future, everyone knows that. And everyone also knows that its advantages are numerous. It is always a great idea to go that direction. However, a shrewder approach will not hurt especially if you are the type of person who wants to maximize the advantages of LED technology.

Don’t Miss the Several Benefits of 100W LED High Bay Light Fixtures

The areas where individuals will generally discover 100W LED high bay lights are sites that possess spacious ceiling & arbors. So, they can be commonly noticed in establishments such as shopping-malls, commercial warehouses, airport hangars and gymnasium.

led high bay lighting

They’re even recommended for areas that feature a significant length between the floor and the ceiling. Substituting defective lamps in such circumstance can be exceedingly tough and even not possible at times. This’s probably the main reason why many organizations that possess buildings with huge ceiling prefer to employ LED high bay lights fixtures.

Besides that there are also many other crucial reasons why using 100w LED high bay lights is an excellent alternative of other traditional form of lighting.

Longer lifetime:

High bay outdoor LED lights features a significant shelf life compared to other forms of conventional lighting. Generally, home owners can anticipate the product to last 5 times more than the fluorescent lamp. This means you don’t have to substitute the fixture every now and then.

Incredible energy saving:

This is yet another wonderful feature that attracts people towards this technology. They offer home owners with a great chance to decrease their monthly electricity bills. A standard LED bulb only needs 2-10 watts of electrical power to offer a considerable amount of lighting. This volume is smaller compared to the typical bulbs and uses 35% of what an incandescent variety requires. There are also LEDs that employs even smaller volume of power. They’re an excellent way of assuring that households and establishments won’t surpass their planned expenditure for the month.

Long-term advantages:

Though, LED bulbs costs a bit more than their fluorescent counterpart, but their long-term benefits actually justify their heavy price. LED lamps also don’t possess any sort of interior filaments like typical bulbs and they aren’t prone to breakage as well. They’re harder to break even when they’re dropped from a considerable height.

Additional advantages:

LED lights not just offer the chance to enhance the electrical competence of an establishment. They provide other types of advantages to home owners as well. Users will find that they’ve a lower temperature even when employed for a considerable amount of time. They even don’t influence the room temperature, so there’s absolutely no require to employ an air-condition unit.

The huge availability of china led light manufacturers have really made things easy in terms of availing quality 100w LED high bay light at a decent price. You can also order led high bay lighting fixture online without moving anywhere from your home.

How do I connect LED strip lights to one another?



Before cutting the LED strip it’s important to understand a number of key aspects relating to this product. The strip can only be cut at the points that are marked. These cut points are clearly shown by a line across the strip as you can see here.

The cutting distance for LED strip varies. In the samples we have here you can see the cut distance is  100mm for LED light strips with 30 LED’s per metre, 50mm for strip with 60 LED’s per metre, 25mm for strips with 120 LED’s per metre and 15mm for strips with 240 LED’s per metre”

Once you have found the cut line marked on the LED strip simply use the scissors to cut directly along the line as demonstrated here.

Its important to note that LED Strip must ONLY be cut at the specified marks. Cutting the strip in the wrong place will result in some of the LED’s in the cut area not working.

In this example, you can see that the strip has been cut incorrectly. There are two LED’s not lit. Whilst here you can the one that has been cut correctly is fully functional. The LED strip in this example is warm white LED strip from our selection of single colour LED strip lighting, although the same rules apply when cutting our range of colour changing RGB strips.


Now let’s now move on to how a connection can be made to the LED Strip.

We supply our LED strip in lengths of 1 Metre or on full 5 Metre reels. For every length of LED strip you order, it will be pre-fitted with a 2.1mm input socket as shown here. This input cable is part number C4229 should you wish to order additional units. If need to cut down the strip, you will need to take steps yourself to be able to power it as of course cutting the strip down will remove the pre-fitted C4229 input socket.

There are two ways to make additional connections to the strip when you no longer have the pre-fitted input socket to make use of. You can either use a clip on connector or make soldered joints. We will look at the clip on connectors first.

These connectors come in a range of sizes to match standard tape widths of 8mm and 10mm as shown here, and no tools are required to fit them.

Each full 5 metre reel of our LED strip is supplied with 5 of the appropriate clip on connectors. These types of connectors are not suitable for use our Ultra High Brightness series of strip due to its high power output.

To use these connectors offer the connector up to the LED strip and ensure that the RED wire is aligned with the + mark on the strip and that the BLACK wire is aligned with the – mark on the strip.

To fit the connector, gently pull back the black locking bar, Insert the tape into the slot until it is fully located and ensure that the copper connection points are within the body of the connector.

To complete the connection push back the little black clip into its locked position by applying equal force to both sides until it meets the body of the connector, this will lock the tape into position.

Gently pulling on the strip will show that it is locked into place and that a good connection has been made. As you can see the LED strip now has 2 wires connected to it. You can use an LED driver which has screw terminals as input and output connectors to add power to the strip as we show here. Alternatively, these clip on connectors can be used in conjunction with our part number C4349 to facilitate quick powering using a standard power supply which we will demonstrate now.

You can see that order code C4349 is marked with + and – on its casing to indicate which way round the wires should be connected. The 12v LED strip lights is also marked with a + and – so make sure that the wire connected to + on the LED strip is connected to + on the C4349 and do the same for the – wire. Locate the wires in the screw terminals as demonstrated and tighten up the screw terminals. Then to power the LED strip simply plug the connector from the power supply into the C4349.

We will now briefly look at soldering onto LED strip. Soldering is our recommended method as it provides a more secure connection. Here we are soldering our order code C4229, the little 2.1mm input socket cable, onto a length of single colour LED strip. As before you can now quickly power it up using a standard power supply.

All of our non-waterproof LED strip featured in this video comes with a sticky tape backing as shown here. This backing can be peeled off and the LED strip can then be stuck down to an appropriate flat clean surface. Wood, metal & plastic surfaces are generally fine.

For a quality finish you may like to consider our range of Aluminium extrusion for LED strip, a selection of this is shown here. The Aluminium extrusion helps to protect the strip, helps to diffuse the light and also assists with the cool running and long life of the product. Please see the Aluminium extrusion section on our web site for more details.


We’ll now look at powering LED strips. It’s important that you don’t run too much LED strip as a single linear length .