Multi Color LED Strip Lights Reviews(2)

“As with most LED strip lights this is multi light strip comes in a reel, together with power adaptor, remote control and Remote IR sensor as well as converter in case you want to cut the light strip shorter.

This LED light pack was a good start to get your room, shelves or stairs lit up easily. It was simple to set up; just plug in the 3 pin plug cable to the power adapter; plug the power supply to the IR remote receiver, then lastly plug the end of the LED light strip into the IR remote receiver. The remote control already has a battery installed so all you need to do is remove the plastic film from under the battery cover. You also get 2 mid-joiners and one end to allow you to cut the LED strip and reconnect them to your specification.

The LED light strip isn’t covered at all and all components are open to the elements on arrival so in order to fit it safely and permanently in an area of the room you will also need an LED strip covers in a décor that fits where-ever you are installing it. For example you can get corner or flat covers in a variety of metal or wood. It comes in a 5m wound around a reel to make it easy to roll out and attach. This version of the LED lights are not waterproof so should only be installed indoors (you can get waterproof versions of this product: 12V 5050 SMD 60 Multicolor LED Light Strip With Remote Waterproof).

Once installed and plugged in, you may be baffled by the remote control as it’s quite big but very thin. You can control; on/off, select a particular colour (range of 20 pre-set colours from jus white, red, green or blue to yellow or magenta as well as RGB light variation buttons to specify your own), brightness of any colour that you choose, DIY1-6 for your own, flash, jump and fade.
With such a large selection of lighting options, this LED light strips is really nice however if you are thinking of installing such lighting in your home I would consider the additional cost of cover strips as well. Having said this, you can just stick it to the walls, alcoves or shelves but just beware of the gentle heat generated by the lights as well as aesthetics if you don’t cover them.
Although you can run LED strips together to cover large rooms you should note that there are limits in the number of reels you can connect together due to voltage drop the further along the reel goes (and hence dimmer lights). Lighting EVER have advised no more than 2 reels (less than 10m length total) in succession otherwise there is a drop in light quality.

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Lighting EVER RGB LED Strip Reviews(1)

This is review of the “12V RGB LED Strip Light Kit, Multi-colored, 5050 SMD LED, 16.4Ft 5M Spool, Flexible LED Tape Light Kit for Indoor Decoration Solution”.

led light strips

These RGB LED strip tape lights are very easy to use and also look amazing when working, and you get a forty four buttoned remote control too, which has loads of different options for the LED lights, you sure wont be stuck to try and find a light pattern that will become your favourite, and you can even create and save your own to the DIY buttons, and also you have a good 500cm of light on the strip.

You also get with the lights, a battery for the remote control, a control box for the lights this also has the IR sensor on it, then you have the power adapter that has a cable length of 117cm, with a cable diameter of 0.3cm it has a 0.5cm round connector plug at its end, then you have a short power connector cable that is 17cm in length, that you can use with the two supplied tape connectors, should you want to cut the tape light, and create another set of lights, but of course you will need another power adapter to power them, and this is not supplied.

The RGB LED strip lights are spaced out along the tape at a distance of 3.2cm apart, and they have a diameter of 0.3cm, with their outer casing being 0.5cm square, the tape is very flexible you will be able to place it where you want them, and the 3M sticky backing all along the tape lights back is very sticky, and will keep your light stuck to whatever you stick them on to.

The remote control is nice and large, so making it very easy to use it has a width of 5.5cm in width, and 12.3cm in length and it has a depth of 0.6cm, it is easy to hold in your hand and to use with just one hand and your fingers, the buttons all have the following diameter of 0.8cm, it comes with a pre installed CR2035 battery, all you need to do to activate the battery is, remove the plastic tab which is hanging out of the battery compartment, and then you can use the remote control.

You can use the RGB LED tape lights anywhere be it in your bedroom or living room, or even if you are a DJ you could use them around your equipment, like your Decks or speakers.

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The Difference between High-power and Low-power LED

LED, also named light emitting diode, is one of diode, whose feature is to give out different colors of light when current is positively connected. As one of LED, every chip of high-power LED is much higher in power, luminance and price than low-power.

As a general rule, the rated current of low-power LED is 20 milliampere. Therefore, any rated current that is higher than 20 milliampere is regarded as high-power, including 0.25w, 0.5w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 8w, 10w, etc. The main unit of luminance is lumen (lm), but low-power unit is micro candela (mcd). The two units can’t be converted. As an emerging green, environmental protection and energy saving light source, it is widely used in automobile lamp, flashlight, led high bay lighting and other fixtures.

led high bay light
led high bay light

The reason that it is named as high-power LED just is mainly according to low-power. At present, there are about three standards categories as following.

Firstly, according to the size of power, it is divided into 0.5W, 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W, etc. It differs with the total power of products after packaging.

Secondly, according to the packaging technology, it is divided into epoxy resin packaging in large size, epoxy resin packaging with imitated piranhas, MCPCB packaging, TO packaging, SMD packaging in power type, etc.

Finally, according to the degree of lumens depreciation, it is divided into low lumens depreciation and non-low lumens depreciation high-power products.

In addition, high-power LED has many parameters and it has other different categories in accordance with these data. All in all, it still belongs to one of LED packaging products, which is the important part to help semiconductor lighting enter into common lighting area.

Utilize LED high bay lights to Renovate Your Warehouse

LED high bay lights portrays more than 60 percent of the run of the mill stockroom’s power end utilize. A large portion of the electrical vitality goes to high cove lighting, which’s marked as indoor lighting in rooms with roofs that are more than 25ft tall. Deplorably, the greater part of the power utilized to light up those installations is wasted, basically as a result of old innovation.

led high bay

Squandered electrical vitality in stockrooms comes in a few structures, however the reliance on more established lighting innovations, for instance, high force release (HID) and direct fluorescents are the most essential occasions. That is the reason a few distribution center supervisors and proprietors are swinging to LEDs for their high cove installations.

LED high bay lights make advances in distribution center lighting:

Prior, LED reception was extensively lower in distribution centers. More seasoned releases of LEDs did not offer an indistinguishable level of lighting from HIDs, which made them less imperative. In any case, there has been a huge change in LED innovation in the current years and satisfied the lighting prerequisites of present day organizations, incorporating stockrooms.

Useful points of interest of LED high bay lights fittings for stockroom enlightenment:

Most recent LED lighting movements have influenced their utilization to consummate in refrigerated distribution centers and other stockpiling and delivering offices for a few reasons. Not simply LEDs use less power, they offer a few different favorable circumstances that influence them to suitable for stockroom proprietors and administrators who’re resolved to utilizing advancement to abuse incomes, build up a protected work climate and streamline their general capacities. The accompanying are a couple of favorable circumstances that demonstrate the value that LED high bay lighting apparatuses can convey to distribution centers:

Diminished warmth result: LEDs have a significantly lesser warmth result in contrast with other lights. This could be particularly valuable for refrigerated distribution centers, where the warmth radiated by more seasoned knobs make it intense to support most ideal refrigeration temperatures and advisers for higher vitality consumptions.

Light quality and security: With LEDs, distribution center brightening can have a more secure and more productive workplace. Specialists can see things all the more unmistakably, making development all through the office significantly less difficult.

Diminished Maintenance: Because of their stature and the vast measure of globules required, high cove lights are a portion of the hardest to keep hold of. Getting globules that require to be substituted needs unique device. More seasoned lams with shorter lifetime that LEDs require to be substituted as often as possible. LEDs last 2-5 times longer than HIDs, which connotes less time and assets being committed to typical upkeep.

Darkening and lighting controls: LEDs likewise loan themselves easily to diminishing and other lighting controls. They can be turned on and off right away, though HIDs require any longer to achieve finish splendor. They can be associated with tenure and other lighting sensors so discontinuously utilized spaces are not lit when they aren’t being utilized. LEDs function admirably with diminishing controls, empowering you to add control to lighting situations and tailor lighting levels.

Choose LED High Bay for your Business

The territories where you would as a rule discover LED high bay lights are places including extensive roofs. Henceforth they are generally found in foundations like shopping centers, tradition focuses and business stockrooms. They are prescribed likewise in regions with a significant length between the floor and roof. There are a great deal of reasons why the vast majority today consider introducing LED high bay lights than other lighting alternatives.

high bay led lighting

The main reason is that LED high bay lights have longer life expectancy. It has a noteworthy timeframe of realistic usability than different alternatives like lights and globules. Mortgage holders can ordinarily anticipate that it will last five times longer than fluorescent light. This implies they require not to supplant the installations all the more oftentimes. They can spare the cash planned for purchasing for different things or purposes.

The second reason is that this sort of lighting choice has vitality sparing component. This is something that make it alluring to many individuals particularly home and entrepreneurs. The productivity in overseeing utilization of power is something that not all that many lighting choices can give. They furnish mortgage holders and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to decrease their electric bills every month. The run of the mill LED high bay lights offered today just expects 2 to 10 watts of electric energy to give the space significant light.

Contrasted with standard knobs, this sum is littler and utilizes 35% of what the glowing assortments require. Nonetheless, individuals should know additionally that there are LEDs which utilize considerably littler measure of vitality. They are an incredible method for ensuring the homes and business foundations won’t surpass the costs they got ready for the month.

It is invaluable to pick LED high bay lights since this lighting alternative offers long haul benefits. Driven high sound lights at first cost more than different fittings that are included by producers. While you are constrained to spend more on purchasing these things, as time goes on, you will see various favorable circumstances once you begin utilizing it for your home or office.

It is incredible to utilize this kind of lighting as it doesn’t have a type of inside fibers which standard lights have and they are additionally not inclined to breakage. LED high bay light is harder to harm notwithstanding when dropped from high vantage point.

LED High Bay Lighting Solutions

Each business has lighting requests, and whether you’re endeavoring to keep a delivery/stacking office sufficiently bright, attempting to influence a retail to space appealing for clients, or just attempting to furnish representatives with top notch light so they may work all the more productively, you will require a lighting arrangement that is up to the undertaking. LE Lighting is an industry driving maker of LED high bay lighting arrangements that can be custom fitted to any reason and setting.

led high bay
Offering the most recent in green innovation, vitality sparing lighting, and proficient controls, LE Lighting ceaselessly wins industry honors and licenses for their extraordinary item outlines. LE Digital’s line of LED Retrofit Kits is a prime case of LE’s item development. Intended for most extreme vitality productivity, these retrofit packs change over existing installations into LED apparatuses, and include up to 75% power decrease when contrasted and fluorescent tubes.
In business structures, LED high bay lighting represents up to 40% of aggregate vitality cost. Nonetheless, lighting control arrangements can decrease lighting vitality utilization in business and mechanical structures by up to 70%. LE Digital’s retrofit items are additionally perfect with the Daintree Networks Integrated Wireless Controller. This controller enables you to control and screen your lighting installations through a remote system, wiping out the need to run control wires from every apparatus back to the system’s focal controller, accordingly decreasing vitality costs.
Here’s a fast look at how you can utilize our LED high bay lighting arrangements:
Crisis Lighting
The significance of solid and high-productivity crisis lights can’t be exaggerated. Crisis lighting is basic for guarding representatives and clients, and LE Lighting offers an extensive variety of battery-fueled crisis lights that naturally control on when whatever is left of your lights fizzle. For example, LE’s Miniature Adjustable Emergency LED Light, offers a contemporary plan, full customizability, brisk establishment, and a normal lifetime of more than ten years, all in an up-to-date and conservative bundle.
Outside Lighting
Filling various needs, open air LED lighting can guarantee that workers and clients are protected around evening time when leaving your office or store, help attract regard for your area, and improve the tasteful nature of your business’ outside.
Retail Lighting
In the event that you maintain a retail business, at that point you realize that the way clients see your store and its items is similarly as vital as the items themselves. LED high bay lights arrangements enable you to make the lighting condition you need for setting the state of mind of your store, giving your area identity, and urging clients to purchase your items. An ideal answer for retail applications is The LE Digital LED Cloud apparatus, an exceptionally compelling recessed luminaire conveying fantastic visual solace and extraordinary execution.
Design Lighting
Smooth and present day, our choice of compositional lighting installations can hone your office’s appearance while enhancing its light quality. With a few installation composes accessible in an assortment of sizes, you’ll discover a lot of lovely alternatives reasonable for your particular requests. For example, LE’s Beam Suspended Direct LED Luminaire is moderate in outline and appropriate more than a few unique settings, for example, open and private workplaces, gathering rooms, passageways, schools, labs, and open spaces.