Super Bright LED Flashlights Reviews

  1. This LED flashlights is super bright! I tried to capture some examples, but the pictures don’t really paint the picture. I took them in my basement which was completely black. It can light up the entire basement easily on the bright setting, I think the dimmed mode is about as bright as my last flashlight. The look and feel of the flashlight is awesome. It is very rugged, and easy to hold onto. It is not super light and cheap feeling, it is high quality. The anti-slip grip makes it easy to hold onto. The light source is a high-quality lamp which should last decades. The price of the unit for the quality I have experienced is great. I must warn you, I did open the LED flashlights and test to see if it already had a charge, it did. Do not look directly into the flashlight and test it, I saw spots for a little while.
  2. This is a great, well-made, super-bright LED flashlights!! It’s short and sturdy, so it’s unlikely to break. My favorites features is the recharge port. I have purchased other rechargable lights on eBay and had to remove the batteries and keep up with a charger. This one you just unscrew the cap and use a standard micro USB cable (which are laying around everywhere plus one is included!) Love it! I need one for every car!!
  3. This LED flashlight is perfect for my bike and camping. I have a bike holder already and this will fit great. It comes with a battery holder in case you don’t want to use the included battery or if you want to use it while that battery is charging which I thought was a cool addition. I would recommend going with the 3 mode though. I got the five mode and it’s kind of annoying having to keep clicking to go past the stone and flash modes. I wish there was a separate button to switch the modes instead of cycling through everytime you turn it off and on. Other than that, the performance is great
  4. Very happy with this light! It’s a simple yet useful design. The only controls on the light are the tail switch so you have to cycle through the 3 modes (high/low/strobe) to get to the one you wanted. The fact that it is recharges via USB is really what sold me. Very easy to charge it at home, the car, at my desk in the office or on a workbench since I have so many other devices already using micro-USB. The light output is sufficient for use as a general purpose light, indoors and out. My only wish is that the beam would be focus-able for more precise, long range use.

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