The Difference between High-power and Low-power LED

LED, also named light emitting diode, is one of diode, whose feature is to give out different colors of light when current is positively connected. As one of LED, every chip of high-power LED is much higher in power, luminance and price than low-power.

As a general rule, the rated current of low-power LED is 20 milliampere. Therefore, any rated current that is higher than 20 milliampere is regarded as high-power, including 0.25w, 0.5w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 8w, 10w, etc. The main unit of luminance is lumen (lm), but low-power unit is micro candela (mcd). The two units can’t be converted. As an emerging green, environmental protection and energy saving light source, it is widely used in automobile lamp, flashlight, led high bay lighting and other fixtures.

led high bay light
led high bay light

The reason that it is named as high-power LED just is mainly according to low-power. At present, there are about three standards categories as following.

Firstly, according to the size of power, it is divided into 0.5W, 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W, etc. It differs with the total power of products after packaging.

Secondly, according to the packaging technology, it is divided into epoxy resin packaging in large size, epoxy resin packaging with imitated piranhas, MCPCB packaging, TO packaging, SMD packaging in power type, etc.

Finally, according to the degree of lumens depreciation, it is divided into low lumens depreciation and non-low lumens depreciation high-power products.

In addition, high-power LED has many parameters and it has other different categories in accordance with these data. All in all, it still belongs to one of LED packaging products, which is the important part to help semiconductor lighting enter into common lighting area.

LED High Bay Lighting Solutions

Each business has lighting requests, and whether you’re endeavoring to keep a delivery/stacking office sufficiently bright, attempting to influence a retail to space appealing for clients, or just attempting to furnish representatives with top notch light so they may work all the more productively, you will require a lighting arrangement that is up to the undertaking. LE Lighting is an industry driving maker of LED high bay lighting arrangements that can be custom fitted to any reason and setting.

led high bay
Offering the most recent in green innovation, vitality sparing lighting, and proficient controls, LE Lighting ceaselessly wins industry honors and licenses for their extraordinary item outlines. LE Digital’s line of LED Retrofit Kits is a prime case of LE’s item development. Intended for most extreme vitality productivity, these retrofit packs change over existing installations into LED apparatuses, and include up to 75% power decrease when contrasted and fluorescent tubes.
In business structures, LED high bay lighting represents up to 40% of aggregate vitality cost. Nonetheless, lighting control arrangements can decrease lighting vitality utilization in business and mechanical structures by up to 70%. LE Digital’s retrofit items are additionally perfect with the Daintree Networks Integrated Wireless Controller. This controller enables you to control and screen your lighting installations through a remote system, wiping out the need to run control wires from every apparatus back to the system’s focal controller, accordingly decreasing vitality costs.
Here’s a fast look at how you can utilize our LED high bay lighting arrangements:
Crisis Lighting
The significance of solid and high-productivity crisis lights can’t be exaggerated. Crisis lighting is basic for guarding representatives and clients, and LE Lighting offers an extensive variety of battery-fueled crisis lights that naturally control on when whatever is left of your lights fizzle. For example, LE’s Miniature Adjustable Emergency LED Light, offers a contemporary plan, full customizability, brisk establishment, and a normal lifetime of more than ten years, all in an up-to-date and conservative bundle.
Outside Lighting
Filling various needs, open air LED lighting can guarantee that workers and clients are protected around evening time when leaving your office or store, help attract regard for your area, and improve the tasteful nature of your business’ outside.
Retail Lighting
In the event that you maintain a retail business, at that point you realize that the way clients see your store and its items is similarly as vital as the items themselves. LED high bay lights arrangements enable you to make the lighting condition you need for setting the state of mind of your store, giving your area identity, and urging clients to purchase your items. An ideal answer for retail applications is The LE Digital LED Cloud apparatus, an exceptionally compelling recessed luminaire conveying fantastic visual solace and extraordinary execution.
Design Lighting
Smooth and present day, our choice of compositional lighting installations can hone your office’s appearance while enhancing its light quality. With a few installation composes accessible in an assortment of sizes, you’ll discover a lot of lovely alternatives reasonable for your particular requests. For example, LE’s Beam Suspended Direct LED Luminaire is moderate in outline and appropriate more than a few unique settings, for example, open and private workplaces, gathering rooms, passageways, schools, labs, and open spaces.